About Us

GDM Genel Değirmen Makine offers solution partnership in grain grinding and processing systems with the latest technology in accordance with the requirements of the innovative age.

It is advancing with the vision of the future to be equivalent to the leading company worldwide with confident, reliable and solid steps in its sector.

GDM Genel Değirmen Makine responds to the needs with the highest efficiency by meticulously manufacturing all machinery and equipment in the most basic food sector, where people all over the world need cleaner, healthier and more food every day. With the aim of global leadership, it has adopted the principle of non-stop development, and aims to be a good example, a good trainer and leader for the companies in its sector. It has the title of the only company in Turkey that can maintain the quality and keep it under control by making all the machinery manufacturing in the grain grinding and processing system within its own structure.

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